A52q camera, the size of jpg photo is too big and issue with Revolut selfie recognition

I installed the latest eOS 1.15 T available for Samsung a52q
(e-1.15-t-20230917331436-dev-a52q.zip) and I am experiencing issues with the camera

JPG filesize is too big for the quality chosen

I got 96.22 Mb using resolution 4624 × 3468 (on Camera settings: 16.04 MP, 90 % quality).

This issue seems to have been fixed with Aperture in LineageOS at 24 August, as far as I understood Aperture is another camera app that uses CameraX framework.

But eOS 1.15 T has OpenCamera, which they state it’s not fixed:

That’s because I reported the bug (huge JPEG sizes) to Google’s CameraX support directly and they merged a fix into the CameraX framework.
So, unless OpenCamera updates to the latest CameraX release you won’t get it fixed, in which case you’ll probably have to wait for them to do it

Revolut selfie recognition

I installed my Revolut banking app, and the selfie recognition always fails due to an “uploading error” (they require you to take a photo to confirm the first login into your new device).

eOS T has no problem with Revolut since it works on a Motorola dubai, but dubai retain it’s stock camera app.

I do not know if Revolut uses CameraX or another framework, and I am wondering if the recognition issue can be related with the above issue.

I got a log during the recognition with MatLog Libre, but I do not understand it except there’s a lot of camera errors.

Also, it’s two days that I contacted Revolut via chat, but they are not helpful at all.