A52q, date of the source code used to build eOS

is there a way to figure out when the source to make a dev build has been taken from the original Lineage for microg and then from Lineage?


For instance, here it was build on 2023 Sep 17 by murena, but when the source from LineageOS has been downloaded?


The standard build routine ensures that all the projects involved, that will include the required LineageOS repos, are synced at time of build, when the date stamp is created.

One is able to cherry pick back to certain points in one or more repos, thus certain repos might be non current. The process is expected to follow continuous integration and continuous delivery CI/CD principles from both /e/OS and LineageOS, except:

For a52q I have no specific knowledge.

e-1.15-t → android security bulletin from 2023.08.05

:warning: Security fixes

This /e/OS v1.15 includes the Android security patches available until August.


but e-1.16-t-20231018342574-dev-a52q is out now :


e-1.16-t → android security bulletin from 2023.09.05

:warning: Security fixes

This /e/OS v1.16 includes the Android security patches available until September.

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