About 80 files named "downloading..." in the recent category in the file explorer


just try to know what these files, they are not deleted after several weeks, neither after a memory cleaning, think this is a temporary files from - guess what - downloading !
But seriously I can’t find there path because they appear only in “recent” category and, it’s surprising but we can’t obtain the path in file’s details.

I think I will delete these one by one but it’s annoying, if somebody have a solution.

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I refresh the topic :wink:

I guess you are using the default File Manager, Files.

Here the “Recent” category is an “Android shortcut”,(loosely speaking). In the image below the majority of the links are to “Android shortcuts”. In Files deletion is not possible in an “Android shortcut”.

You only get to see the hierarchy of files by navigating from the “device” or SD card, ringed in green below.

You can however Select a file that you find in “Recent” then, top right 3 dot menu > Get info. Here you can expect to find where the file is stored.

One would hope to navigate to that location where the file can now be deleted.

Thanks fr your help !
But uh … Files are not here anymore. Don’t know where they goes.
But, at least now I know how to deal with it :wink: