About a Year in, Keeping the OS, Ditching the 2e

I thought I might be at that place in life where I could dispense with all the features of a smartphone, and the big bill from the big carrier, and a good number of intrusive social media apps. I was mostly right. I’ve made a lot of changes. The facebook app is gone, and the account access is only through the browser on desktop. Twitter/X is through the browser on desktop, or slimsocial on the phone. Any app that requires a google account is banished forever.

T-Mobile has just proven to have terrible coverage in my area, and I have just not been able to get a single good picture out of the 2e camera. I thought the phone might help my narcissistic streak, but the world needs to know about the beautiful omelette I just made.

Saving my pennies for a refurbed Pixel, and contemplating moving back to ATT, but prepaid this time.

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