About Account Manager: Connection Security

Hi, I had a notification about account manager: connection security, ‘Account manager Has Encountered an unknown certificate. Do you want to trust it?’ I check the certificate fingerprint, the fingerprint SHA1 Doesn’t match. my device is a fairphone fp3, How can I check that certificate, and What is the options in account security: Distrust system certificates: “System and user added Cas won’t be trusted”
X509 certificate: issued by CN=R3 O=Let’s Encrypt, C=US, Validity period: june 15, 2023 - sepember 13, 2023

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what was the hostname the account manager talked to - murena.io? might have been a local device time mismatch to the signing certificate validity period (because it was renewed today).

The cert signs many subdomains, maybe there was an internal delay in exchanging one of them.

Thank you for your help.
I verified Log entries for the last certificate on sectigo, timestamp: 2023-06-15 04:07:44 UTC.
I am going to verify tomorrow, if the certificate fingerprint match.

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