About Motorola G4 Play

While I’m looking for a new device wich i can install /e/, I have see that in the official page of Motorola Support, looking for unlock the bootloader, the G4 Play is unsupported as i see:https://support.motorola.com/us/en/solution/MS87215.
So…how it is possible?I want to be sure before buy some new device, because I’ve bougth twice an LG G5 and then i’ve got to resell one and return the other…

I have successfully installed /e/ on a Moto G4 Play, for what it’s worth. I bought it refurbished from eBay. It was “unlocked” (that is, not restricted to one carrier), but I had to unlock the bootloader. I followed the general instructions on the /e/ website for the phone. I know I downloaded something from Motorola, but don’t remember exactly what.
I really like the phone with /e/ on it. It’s very clean and runs quite smoothly. I’m not a super demanding phone user (call, text, browse, TFA), but I think /e/ is quite stable on this phone (so far, and I’ve had it for ~2 months now). Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the feedback on the /e/ build on your device @ecs

I remember something from my install, for the sake of completion, I wanted to mention it here. The link @Pitttuhau gives above does not have a direct link to unlock the Moto G4 Play (harpia), but it has a link for “if your device is not listed below” that you can use to unlock the Moto G4 Play: https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/standalone/bootloader/unlock-your-device-a/action/auth Using the instructions from this general site, I was able to do it. I think I had to register with Motorola though, don’t know if that is required for the other phones.

Thanks for the correction.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but as my question is about the G4 Play bootloader, this seemed a good place to ask it. Does anyone know whether there are versions of this phone out there with carrier locked bootloaders? Many of the used G4 Plays I see for sale say “Verizon unlocked”, but since Verizon locked the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and others, I am not sure whether they did the same with these.

Hello there from a new /e/-user on Moto G4 Play ‘Harpia’.
First of all: Thank you for supporting this rather old device. You revived my phone which had become a paperweight for some time.
Happily I had some experience with the procedure of installation a custom rom from my Huawei Y300 years ago so I managed to get /e/ up and working.
There are some snares as TWRP for this device is quite old and has some inconsistencys as it e.g. claims ‘Warning: No OS installed’ after sideloading /e/ to the phone. /e/ starts anyway.
Also if you had another custom rom installed previously the phone will only boot / reboot to recovery but to /e/ - a well known bug which can be solved by deleting the “/dev/block/platform/soc.0/7824900.sdhci/by-name/misc” partition.
The ‘Storage Access Framework’ to be used with camera in case the sd-card is not formatted as internal storage does not work well showing every photo taken as empty grey screen. But the photo is taken and accessible from file-manager (but not from gallery). With sd card formatted as internal stroage everything is OK.
Till now it seems everything is working as expected.
Only thing that bothers me a little bit is the missing equalizer / sound enhancer.
You can install equalizer FX which is also recognized by the music player - but it comes with annoying ads. I was not able to find an open source equalizer till now.
Also I was wondering why this totally free of google ROM comes with microG preinstalled. This seems a little bit paradoxical to me.
Thank you again, keep up the good work, I will report back after some time of use with my reanimated Moto G4 Plus.

I don’t know about America - Verizon is American, isn’t it?

In Europe there hasn’t been a Moto G4 Play (XT1524, harpia) with carrier locked bootloader.
But there has been an Amazon version of the phone: The white ones.
I have two black ones and two white ones for the family.
On every phone the booloader was able to be unlocked using this Motorola customer site.

Edit: Maybe https://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_moto_g4_play-8104.php can help you.