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just a word about the default application “notes” that is supposed to be a simple note app that is synchronised.
Hum, to be honest, that’s a awful application. Have you try to make a todo list ?
Example of a note writen strainght in Notes :

My house todolist :

  • Eat an apple
  • Give kibbles to Felix
  • Refuel the car
  • Mix the compost

My work todolist :

  • Finish the Emma reports
  • Repair the lightsaber

Until here, it’s ok. But let’s say that finally my wife already refuel the car, so I want to delete this line ; that will be very chaotic from now, and dash, dot and indentation will appear randomly :

My todolist :

  • Eat an apple
  • Give kibbles to Felix
    • . Mix the compost

      My work todolist :

      • . Finish the Emma reports
      • . Repair the lightsaber

And, if you try to modify these lines to recover you indentation, it will be worst, and worst, until the cursor placement become wrong and when you write something, some letters disapear, but not the one you underline … Anyway, you understood.

Not a critical update I guess, but it could be useful to have a very basic default note application that works normally. I like simple things ^^.

See you,

EDIT : in the forum the dash is automatically replaced with a special caracter function of the indentation (filled circle, empty circle, square), so my problem is not visible. In Notes it’s just a simple dash “-” and there are not special caracter.

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I think that u can use markdown syntax, like -[ ] or -[x] for checked activities


do you mean to write specifically -[] or [] is a space ?
I don’t notice any change, it’s not seem to trig something. But I don’t know if I have understood you ^^.

In any case, it seem that when I delete the point of “.- Task” (the point which appear itself) it solve most of the (very strange) bugs that occurs when you try to rewrite your line, at least.

But it could be very cool if there were checkable box, indeed.

It’s markdown syntax so write something like that

# title
### my checklist

-[x] task one checked
-[ ] task two
-[ ] task three

Check also this opensource reference to thr language

thank a lot for your indication mebitek, I tried this way but … That’s seem not to be entirely functional yet.
All the syntax is not interpreted, and honestly, that is terrible to use, for example :
(sorry for the page layout, the forum interpret the syntax too)

# main title
### sub title

That works fine, and is pretty simple, but the ‘#’ stay visible… Not good.

And when you wrote :

1. test task one

and put a linebreak you have to enter the number ‘2’ in :

2. test task two

and NOW if you put a linebreak again, there is interpretation and the numbering start … at 2, again :

1. test task one
2. test task two
2. test task three
3. test task four

So I come back to my first impression, Notes is really bugged for the moment.
But I’m sure devs will be able to make it works , one day ^^.

The /e/ Notes app is a fork of the NextCloud Notes app (https://f-droid.org/en/packages/it.niedermann.owncloud.notes/). If this behaviour exists in that app too, then that is where it will need to be fixed. The /e/ development team probably won’t be spending time fixing problems that exist in the apps they are using as the basis for their forks). The best chance of getting a fix is to raise an issue in their issue tracker

Ok, I understand, well, I’ll make a github issue as soon as possible !
Not sure there will be any fix but, who knows…


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Done : https://github.com/stefan-niedermann/nextcloud-notes/issues/1632

Interesting thing.
stefan-niedermann, the autor of Next Cloud Note (I think), tell me to look which version of Note app e/os/ use to fork, and it’s a 2019 version (1.0.1), totally overhelmed today.

So it’s effectively a e/os/ Note issue, not a Nextcloud Note issue. e/os/ should fork a current version or, at least, a less old one.
In the mean time, I will download a current version of Note with F-Droid, but I loose the synchronisation, minor problem for me but I’m still very interested with an update of Note on e.

fyi, looking at the /e/ gitlab prebuilt apks looks as v1.8 (one after upcoming 1.7 … so mid February) will have an updated Notes fork

If you install the NextCloud sync client then notes sync will work fine in the NextCloud Notes app. A lot of other file sync operations will work better than using the /e/ Account Manager fork of DAVx5

Not sure that I understand, for now I have Note 1.0.1 and e/os/ is up to date 1.6.
Is it planned in febuary with 1.7 to update the fork version of Note to the last version ?

I have no doubt that there are plenty of solutions but, what’s make me choice /e/ was they have a global solution for account synchronization.
I prefer not multiply synchro server / application if in the OS there is a global synchro.
But, yeah, at the moment, that’s not works fine :slight_smile:
But maybe if I see that /e/ don’t work on this in next months, I’ll go this way.