About Onlyoffice android


I was wondering if onlyoffice android is open source, like the desktop one implemented in ecloud drive.
Is app from ascensio ok or closed-source ?

I think it’s a good alternative to Goo.le drive / docs.

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OnlyOffice is integrated in edrive and yu can use it via webbrowser.

But it’a not OpenSource and you can’t edit office files from your phone

With the latest version of onlyoffice Android, it’s possible to edit docs and sheets. But not open source so…

Yes, that’s why I have written, that is not the FOSS version and that is not editable from phone

As a little “hack-around” you can enable dektop mode in your mobile browser and then use the edit function, its not really straight forward but for some little things it s enough…


There is a fully open source Collabora office app which works extremely well. Unfortunately is not (yet?) available in Fdroid. You can download it directly from the Playstore or also from their website here: https://www.collaboraoffice.com/Collabora-Office-Android-Snapshot/

Incase you don’t trust the .apks, you can compile the app yourself with the sourcecode here: https://git.libreoffice.org/online/+/master/android


I think we talking about an.office version on ecloud for sharing and group working.

Or we talking about an android office version?

Yes, it was first to know things about Onlyoffice Android, but any alternative solution to be able to edit docs online is good !

I just don’t know if it’s good to use two differents apps to edit (onlyoffice on web, collabora on phone), about interoperability for example.

I only made good experiences with the Collabora app so far.
I set it up in a way that when I open documents on my phone from nextcloud, they are opened automatically with the Collabora app and also automatically sync back when saving the document.

This gives you a much smoother editing experience than with any online editor.

Regarding compatibility, I couldn’t detect any issues as long as you of course don’t mix up file extensions.

Ok, it could be good to try, but no risk to edit on phone with collabora, then use onlyoffice on web/pc ?

Both Collabora and OnlyOffice support the same main document formats like doc, docx, odt, etc.

With the collabora app, you edit the document locally on your phone and then just reupload it. With OnlyOffice, you edit the document directly on the server.

So in normal use, OnlyOffice and Collabora never “see” each other and therefore there shouldn’t be any major issues. However there is still a risk of broken formating- Collabora eventually formats things slightly differently than OnlyOffice although they use the same file extensions. I personally never experienced these kind of issues but you should probably try that for yourself.

I’m not sure Onlyoffice can edit odt files. :frowning:
But I could try with some test-files.

Check out there site here for a full list of supported formats: https://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/ONLYOFFICE-Editors/ONLYOFFICE-Document-Editor/HelpfulHints/SupportedFormats.aspx

Ok, I was wrong, good news.
But in ecloud drive (on web/pc), I tested with a .odt and it couldn’t edit it. I’ll test again.

EDIT : new test, no way to edit a odt file with onlyoffice web.

Hi, I took the basic purchase at 20 GBs and I can use onlyoffice on a web browser but I can not on my phone.
Onlyoffice answers I have to buy a licence for this feature ?
Is there any way to buy it and if yes how ?
Can we use other applications to edit on smartphone ?

I have read if we go through the web instead of Nextcloud app on the phone it can be used, but this is not very user friendly.

Cheers and thank you for the great job you do


sorry to level up this old topic, but I would like to come back to /e/ soon. And before flashing, I tried again onlyoffice in web browser (chrome for the moment) and, like @christophe64 I still had same message asking to use a commercial licence to be able to edit files.