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I am considering of donating 99 €. Is the 20 GB storage linked to that for lifetime or only for one year?


It is stipulate : for one year…

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Hi @Epsilon the storage is for one year the /e/ account is for ever.

Pourquoi pas un traduction en breton? Je peux tenter de m’y atteler …


…where is the option for crowdfunding/ donation? I seriously cant find it …

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I’d like to support your project by regulary donations. But for me here’s one issue: the offered ways to do that don’t seem to be secure regarding data protection. There are to many men in the middle. Neither the direct credit card transfer (Paypal) nor the a regulary donation through Patreon (on first sight) assure to be trusted completely. For me, those ways contradict your goal for a data restrictive system. Isn’t there any other way to support you financially, like normal bank transfer?

I recently flashed /e/ on a LG G5 and up to now I’m quite happy with it and thankful for the opportunity. I hope you see this post as a constructive critique.

Best wishes!

One alternative is you can send a mail to contact@e.email and they will share the bank IBAN details where the transfer can be done.

About translations. After ~half a week using /e/ I decided to start translating some apps. Already translated weather app today, since it’s translation is at webplate everything was easy. I was thinking that Camera app could be next, but can’t login with gitlab account. Does /e/ have it’s own registration for gitlab at:

Or should I be able to login with my normal gitlab account? Sure this same effects to opening issue to Camera development. but no more about that, let’s focus on translation part now. :slight_smile:

We have our own gitlab instance…you can check the requirements for translators here

Thanks, I’ll have a look that will I fill those requirements. I have translated just some small things like Firefox Focus (originally to Finnish by me, only some content to Firefox for Android) , now weather app, quite big part of Tools & Amazfit and someother things for my friend etc. But I’m by no means a professional translator, so I might have to step a side and wait someone else to join. But if you think that there’s no reason to at least give a best shot with that quite limited experience, I might give it a try. But you’re (whole /e/ team) the boss here. :slight_smile:

Just discovered your amazing project.

I work in cybersecurity, if u need some help about this shit don’t hesitate to send me a message.

It is only 1 year of storage

Hello! I would like to help improve /e/ by adding new apps to the app lounge. Is there some description how I could contribute? My idea is to help speeding up the process for app requests.