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Which supplier is /e/ getting its refurbished phones from?

S9 and s9+ Galaxy models selled by /e/ have Exynos or Snapdragon core?
I’m interested in one of them only if radio FM runs works through antenna, not through Internet.
USA models have radio by law (so they use Snapdragon core). In other parts of the word this rule doesn’t exist, so Samsung can use cores without radio chip, like Exynos core.

Please, Which model sell /e/ on his web?

S9 versions: G960F (Europe, Global Single-SIM); G960F/DS (Europe, Global Dual-SIM); G960U (USA); G960W (Canada); G9600 (China, LATAM)
S9+ Versions: G965F (Europe, Global Single-SIM); G965F/DS (Europe, Global Dual-SIM); G965U (USA); G965W (Canada); G9650 (China, LATAM)

Hi Carlos,
The S9 and S9+ sold are based on Exynos chipsets. They do not come with a built-in FM Radio chip.
The S9 is the G960F/DS and the S9+ is G965F/DS.
Best regards.

Thanks so much Alexis!
I will have to find another device of similar quality, but with radio … I will look in the list!

Hi again,

The /e/ system can runs over a Galaxy S9 G960U model?
This is the USA model and it brings the radio FM and I’m thinking to buy a refurbished one and install /e/ over it.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I am selling my S9 Exynos SM-G960F

I’m trying to order a refurbished Galaxy S9+ from the U.S., seeing “no shipping options available”. Please don’t tell me that you aren’t shipping to the USA at all?!

Unfortunately there are no vendors in the US as yet who sell the ePhones. We are actively seeking partners in more locations.

I get that, but could you please just ship it directly to my house? There are a ton of international shipping services available, and I’m happy to pay for any international shipping fees. EBay has a service to make international shipping easy also if you list it there.

Pl send a mail to support@e.email with details.