About the eWiki category

This section will have instructions on how to use /e/OS and a list of [HOWTO]'s available on the site.
Posts in this section will be editable by users.
Guidelines on how to update the eWiki are available in the About the eWiki Category …

  • The eWiki will have simple usage guidelines for the default set of apps that come with /e/OS
  • These [HOWTO] posts will be editable by users and be in the form of wiki posts
  • Please add details where they are missing
  • Use simple short, sentences.
  • Images should be 250 x 450 px ideally …use GIMP to resize images and adjust to this format
  • Use a markdown table if displaying multiple images the code is
    | | |
    | | |
    the images will be in the third row. If they do not show up add a slash at the end of the image name.
  • All the documents are in Work In Progress state. Feel free to add and update to the content as per these guidelines.
  • We will start with English and have it translated to other languages
  • Get a list of all the [HOWTO] here
    Help us build /e/OS better. Collaborate in the documentation

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