Help improve /e/ Documentation

We have added a category called eWiki where we will be covering HOWTO’s or usage guidelines for the default apps on the /e/OS.

The difference here is that users can add to the documentation by editing and improving the posts.

Each of the topic covers one of the default application that comes as a part of the application.

To improve it use simple sentences and add steps where you feel necessary. There are a simple set of guidelines to follow here.

The section is Work In progress and needs your inputs to become better.

Help us make /e/ better !!!

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will we also could replace the install documentation of the e/site for the devices ?

Édit: OK completing, improving, translating…

Nothing will be replaced. We will improve what we have. Add what is missing.
If there are steps missing in the documentation users need to share the same and we will have it updated.