About to update FP4 to /e/os, but concerned about security patch

Hi there!
I got my FP4 a few weeks ago and want to update to /e/os before I switch from my very-faulty-FP2. However, I read that it was important to update to latest standard OS (I can’t re-find that information, so might have been mistaken) before getting another OS. So I did that. Now my security patch is 2023-04-05 and the version here is 2023-03-05, which would brick my phone (if I’ve understood correctly). However, by clicking on the S-stable link I found release notes that say that for version 1.11: " This /e/OS v1.11 includes the Android security patches available until April.". Would that mean also the 2023-04-05 so that I would be fine? Or just the patch in March?
If it’s not the one in April, anyone know where I can find information about when the next update will be released?
Thanks for any help, Emelie.

I recently updated my FP4 to v1.11 and the security Android update is from April 5th 2023. So you should be fine installing /e/OS on your FP4 with v1.11. If you want to wait for the next update, then it should be in a month from now (there are updates roughly at the end of each month).

That sounds great, thank you! I’ll give it a go in the coming days then.

Anyway you might only brick your FP4 if you relock the bootloader and if OEM unlock is disabled at that moment. So to be on the safe side just don’t lock the bootloader while OEM unlock is set to “disabled”.

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