Absence of a Dial Tone

I’m using a FairPhone for 4 weeks now and all my frieds and customers are complaining about the the absence of a dial tone when they call me.

Is there somewhere a setting to switch that on and off?
Or is this a bug in the software?

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The dial tone isn’t linked to the OS of the call receiver.

If you put the SIM card on another phone it shouldn’t change anything.

Fairphone 2 or 3?

I am getting call-progress tones (I think that’s what you mean) on both of them just fine, though.

If it was me, I would check back with my mobile network provider.

It is a FairPhone 3
According to my mobile network provider all settings are okay.

The problem arose when I started using the FairPhone. When I put the SIM card back in my old Blackberry the problem is gone again.

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Same here: 1.6-s-20221129238946-stable-FP4

Randomly I don’t get the ringing tone on either landlines or mobile network.

It appeared with /e/ OS 1.5.1 and still appears with 1.6.

Same behavior on my FP4 on 1.6S. Some times ringing tone existing, sometimes not. Obviously not known in recent OS-versions.

Since it seems I’m not the only one with this issue I created an incident Absence of ringing tone (#6414) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab.

If possible to narrow it down: I use the o2-network via the provider winsim (Drillisch) with an eSIM.

Can anyone confirm, if they change the operator (SIM card), do they still face the same issue?

I have the same problem form at least version e/os 1.8.1 on Google Pixel 3a. Might have been a problem before.

Since v1.9 the issue has been resolved for FP4.
Pls upgrade to v1.10 and report back if the issue still exists.
If that’s the case, you might create a related issue (three dots on top of the page) here https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6414

Hi Vic, I have checked and my phone cant find an update for 1.9 or 1.10.
Might it be because I am on version “r” not “q” or “s”?

Android 12 (S) is the only way forward for your device (Q is Android 10, R is Android 11).


Hi AnotherElk, thank you for your answer.
I have missed that there will be only one version supported and that the built in update don’t update from r to s on its own. Thank you for this information.
But i don’t know, if i do this update manually wont my device get wiped and lose all my data?