Access to the mic

Last weekend I did some work on a tractor and today leboncoin has some ads for second hand tractors for me.

No search on that topic.

How is this possible when I only had my /e/os
Phone with me?

Leboncoin has been sold more than 2 times since it was created with its poor but memorate web interface.

It now have some multiple spyware (maybe they take avantage of microG ?) is advanced privacy is enable on your device ? is your device registred to gogol server through microG ? Also have you checked the app permissions ?

From my experience search is not needed, open an annonce in an (associate by them) categorie is suffisant to load ads

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Adtech is good at correlation. It doesn’t have to be an explicit search to taint you for the tractor cohort. You didn’t access any web resource remotely connected to tractor/machinery in a few days (from any device) ?

I’m reminded of this textboard question where a user was seeing Ads related to chat conversations - users arguing all sides: - inconclusive, no proof (as in mitm plaintext dump) at all, but fun to contemplate.


I like that expression, it sound more dark and evil than google ;- )

Anonymous on microG no account on gogol or zukberg or bezo .
All app permission refused on mic exept for the phone and signal.
I delete leboncoin

I can’t rule out that it’s because of the friend I’ve been tinkering with who offers his data to whoever wants it on his apple mobile.

“did the both of you share a network connection at any time while defendant#2 might have accessed tractor related content in this network at the time or prior?”

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Yep same WiFi connection @ is home :sweat_smile:

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