Accessing file on Samsung S8 via Windows 10?

Hi, does anyone know of a way to access files saved on the Samsung Galaxy S8 (with E OS installed of course)? This is a phone I bought off the shelf pre-installed from here. I want to move some mp3 files from my phone to laptop which I can email to myself but there’s a lot of them and if I can copy directly that would be great. Windows 10 currently doesn’t prompt for the device when it is plugged in although AutoPlay is on, however it can see it under ‘Disk Drives’ in ‘Device Manager’ so it knows its there. I appreciate Linux may be easier but I don’t have access to a Linux machine right now. Thanks for any help anyway!

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On the device, after you already plugged in the USB cable, use the Settings > Search tool to search for USB Preferences, then select File transfer. (or did you already do that?)


Legend, now sorted, thanks mate! Lot easier than I thought that would be!