Accessing shortcuts with non-default launchers

I’m using /e/OS on an LG Google Nexus 5 and I haven’t found a single non-default launcher that recognizes my home screen shortcuts. I must have tried ~10 launchers with a WhatsApp and a Signal conversation shortcut set up the whole time. Is there a way to solve this? Does this work on other devices/builds?

Hi @J-Kappes welcome to the /e/ forum.

I am not certain if I am answering your point but Launcher apps (like standard apps) are independent of each other.

Once you decide to commit to an alternative Launcher, set it up as you want and be sure to set it as the Default Home app in Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps.


Same behaviour on S7 v1.20
But I have not set the alternative launcher as default (as described by @aibd - I assume that should do the trick) because I was just playing around…

I didn’t set every launcher to default but I definitely did with KISS. Even adding shortcuts afterwards didn’t work here.

Hmmm, … seems there is an open issue: Home screen shortcuts not available #1840

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