Account Manager is adding its own URL for Calendar

Dear Community Support, this is my first post, so please bear with me.

I just installed the latest /e/ on my Samsung Galaxy S9+.
First of all, what an amazing job. Thank you !!!

The issue that I’m having is the default Account Manager and the way it syncs CardDav and CalDav. In the About License it shows Version 2.6.3-ose (328).

My server (SOGO) that hosts CardDav and CalDav, uses the Login plus URL method.

the URL is ==>

Therefore I setup in the Add account screen in the app, using “Login with URL and user name”

  1. Base URL => as above
  2. username => user at example com
  3. password => my password

The contacts sync perfectly but the calendar doesn’t sync.
I checked the debug log, and that’s where I noticed the following for Calendar:


How do I fix the “anonymous” there? Why is it doing that? I’d like the app to send the actual email address, as it does for the CardDav

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I just confirmed, that it works if I directly install the DAVx5 application from the App store.
The URLs are passed perfectly, without any modifications.
Looks like there might be an issue with the code base you are using?

under ‘accounts’ you will find ‘Webdav’. For none Nextcloud servers it’s better using this Webdav account than /e/ account

‘for known […]’ perhaps…

OK, sorry… I have to re-read, so.

NO, I mean for NONE nextcloud severs. he are a lot webdav servers available, not only nextcloud !!!

Hi, I’m not using /e/ services. I’m using WebDav ==> which is your implementation of Account Manager ==> which is DAVx basically.

But your implementation is adding the changed URL. This probably a bug, and I wanted to make sure you’re aware of it.

Similar situation here on SOGo

Except that I cannot add accounts either as WebDAV or address book Dav.

So no calendars nor contacts with the /e/ account manager.
Everything works as expected with DAVx5.

On tablet

I can add both webDAV and webdav address book, but no calendar.

Adding an account from the app “calendar” on tablet, the procedure starts and end, but no calendars are shown

I think it’S more a SOGo issue. I think there has to be a special dav or web dav adress for access calendar.

I see.
Neverheless I’m surprised by the inconsistent behaviour between the two devices

Ummm, so this is for the /e/ developers.
Please note, this is not a SOGO issue at all.
It is an issue with your code. I have provided you above with the debug log, where it is changing the URL and adding /anonymous VS /username@email.

Clearly, that should not happen.

I would ask you to please acknowledge this BUG as a BUG, and then make the necessary changes. Which could be:

  1. Follow what the actual app from which you have derived
  2. OR allow me in WebDAV to choose URL for each specific service.

I think It would be better to open a bug on

BTW, there are some strange interactions between DAVx5 and /e/ account manager How do I set up my /e/ account for sync?