Activate the single hand / one-handed mode (in /e/ 0.10 Android 7)

Hi, I somehow and accidentally activated the single hand a.k.a. one-handed (accessibility) mode on my LG-H850 fueled by /e/ 0.10-2020080766702. It was a non-reproducible slide into my pocket by hand to reach for the device. The device could be either in lock or sleep mode (turned off but unlock display) at the time. I’ve seen the message Touch outside screen to exit single hand mode and the smaller virtual display. I deactivated the mode to be able to work. It has got me interested though, what this mode is/was, but now I cannot reproduce the activation and I cannot find any settings to it in the OS. I searched around in the Accessibility section of the Settings, but found nothing. Does anybody know anything about how to activate this interesting mode, please?

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I finally found how to do this.

Swipe the navigation bar from the left to the right or from the right to the left.

For people without navigation bar (because they have physical buttons), you can enable the navigation bar in Settings > Buttons > Enable on-screen nav bar.


Also in the same Settings area, one can assign one-hand display to acts with the buttons, for example, right one-hand when long-pressing back button, etc

Unfortunately, I see only one button to assign, the home button:


Same screen (in French) on my e-0.9-n… Swiping nav’ bar works fine.

Hello. The swiping nav’ bar doesn’t work on my fairphone 3 and I can’t find the one-hand nav in my settings.
Could someone help me find how to activate it ?

One-hand navigation is not available on ~h850 0.16-q either.