Activate (turn on) screen on demand ONLY

Hi e/OS team

I’m trying to resolve “phone manipulation by pocket” problem. Whenever screen is on, for example due to incoming call, there is a chance “my pocket” will either answer it or just after the call is finished (or canceled) it can lead to phone’s applications screen. I currently use “swipe” unlock method, so I’m even more vulnerable to such undesired behavior.

Thus, is it possible to configure e/OS in such a way that it does NOT turn screen on for either incomming call or any other action? ie I need to turn screen on manually prior to call answer

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I’m not sure to have understood your problem completely.

Could “Waveup” (on FDroid) be a solution to your problem ?

@nottolino, thank you for suggestion, although “Waveup” looks very interesting (running it for 2 days) I so far didn’t manage what I need with it. Maybe I’m ovelooking something.

I need my phone didn’t enable the screen let’s say while someone calls me. To see who is calling I’d be expected to press some hardware key (power or whatever). Of course modification that comes from “Waveup” would help here, in the terms that taking out my phone from pocket would be enough to turn on the screen. Yet, in both the cases the problem is: screen becomes on when phone starts ringing.

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