Adaptive display brightness mostly on full power

Hello there,
very pleased overall with /e/OS on the new Fairphone 5 (not bought from murena, flashed myself).
One thing I noticed though is, that the adaptive brightness in dark rooms is on full brightness most of the time. I am not sure if this is an Fairphone 5 issue or a /e/OS issue, but if someone has a FP5 with stock android, please test it out and reply :slight_smile:

Did anyone else notice this behavior? Maybe there is a setting I don’t know about to make the light sensor more sensible or something?

Appreciate any and all help, thanks in advance! :smiley:

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I have the same issue with brightness.
I flashed murena myself.

You are aware of the three items (in my device) in

Settings > System > Status bar > BRIGHTNESS.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to answer!

In the status bar settings I only have 2 items: Brightness Slider and Auto Brightness.
My issue is with the auto brightness setting, which in my opinion makes the display way too bright most of the time.

… and you are aware of the relationship explained as

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This is the missing piece of info. In the status bar settings the info text doesn’t show. To see the info about “training” the adaptive brightness, I need to go to Display > Adaptive Brightness instead.

Thank you for the help :+1:


Hi all,

I also have a Murena FP5 (/e/OS 1.16t preinstalled) and the issue, that the auto brightness doesn’t work: The display is on 100% every time.

The auto setting is “adjust to environment” but without any function.

I think you have the same missing info as I did. Basically the adaptive brightness by default just makes 100% Brightness.

You need to actively use the brightness bar in the settings bar while adaptive brightness is enabled and adjust the brightness multiple times manually to teach it, what brightness is good for you in different environments.

If you are doing it and it still goes to 100% all the time, there is a problem.


I have a similar problem to this, despite training my screen keeps going to too dark. Different phone.
Have you been able to train it?

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