Adb shell setprop Invalid character '*'


On my Sony Xperia XZ2 (/e/OS 0.23-20220404175826), the command adb shell setprop 'log.tag.*FOO_TAG VERBOSE' fail with Invalid character '*' in name 'log.tag.*FOO_TAG VERBOSE'.
It works fine on my old LG (Android Kit Kat).


Sur mon Sony Xperia XZ2 (/e/OS 0.23-20220404175826), la commande adb shell setprop 'log.tag.*FOO_TAG VERBOSE' Ă©choue avec le message Invalid character '*' in name 'log.tag.*FOO_TAG VERBOSE'.
Cela fonctionne sans souci sur mon vieux LG (Android Kit Kat).
Une idée ?

(Understanding Logging  |  Android Open Source Project)

Do other people have the same problem?
Is it specific to my device?
Is it an /e/OS bug?
Is it an Android bug?

Est-ce que d’autres personnes ont le même problème ?
Est-ce que c’est spécifique à mon appareil ?
Est-ce que c’est un bug d’/e/OS ?
Est-ce que c’est un bug d’Android ?

Perhaps legacy functionality not supported on newer Android?

* is not a wildcard/regex. It is the name of the log tag. It is used by log framework to truncate long tag.
I can see this tag with logcat for error level. But I can’t change the log level with setprop.

I am rather tired, but does it help you to try to explain to me?

This string


does seem to me to have an Invalid character *

Did you previously run this command with exactly the same spacing?

Probably. From Android source code on master (;l=55), only alpha num and :@_.- characters are valid in property name.

Yes, but on old LG phone (Android Kit Kat).

Thanks for your help.