AdBlocking and privacy friendly DNS service

I did try PiHole DNS for adblocking and privacy protection at home and that really efficient. You can use opendns for cybersecurity. I was wondering it would be nice to provice this an service …

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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So you want a company to filter your internet?

I would like to see e partnering up with, already suggested this, of course as an option.

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There’s the option to use mullvad’s adblock dns service. Which is free.

I’m unsure how many ads it blocks but it’s there.

I would say that I am thinking that I could be able to Chose the company or organization that is filtering my internet access

That is true. :slight_smile: 20chars

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You have to leave home at some point :wink: so I think the OP has a good point. I would actually recommend partnering with Decloudus DNS since they have different DNS servers for DeGoogling. So even though I managed to get Google out of my phone OS with /e/, Google is still everywhere else all over the Internet. With Decloudus DNS, I can block Google, ads, trackers, etc from everywhere else.

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nexdns offers per device customalisation, i want to block facebook, instagram etc, all possible. Also per device black/whitelisting. I dont see those options at Decloudus, also miss logging for debugging, (logging can be turned off)


You are right, Decloudus does not have these features. Decloudus simply offers a list of resolvers with different filtering capabilities. So for me, I configure different Decloudus resolvers based on my needs. For example, for my home network, I run a local instance of AdguardHome and then I use Decloudus echo as upstream because it does a better job blocking more ads and tracker sites that I have in AdguardHome. For my mobile devices (since I have to leave home some times), I use Decloudus zulu because to allow app notifications and feedburner to work (some of the remaining guilty pleasures Google still holds over me). And on most browsers, I configure Decloudus alpha.

I believe Decloudus mentions in the privacy policy that they keep zero logs for DNS servers and they have zero/no way to associate DNS queries to a user. That’s the level of privacy I look for when using an upstream DNS server. If Decloudus were to have features to allow custom block lists per user and allow me to view my queries and such… then the zero knowledge privacy policy won’t be possible.

So I think it ultimately depends on what you are looking for in a DNS resolvers… in terms of features vs privacy.

Hi, there is DNS66 on F-droid store, it’s nice and working with custom hosts files, then if you have a domain name you could put in there the generated custom hosts file of your choice and add it into DNS66, that could be a start… Also basic DNS66 configuration is working well already, I would recommend it, and it could support nextdns, cleanbrowsing, or whichever DNS resolver of your choice.

Problem with all these apps is they use local VPN, that way you cant use your own VPN. Only exception is blokada which offers VPN service also (paid).