Add a group for contacts



Hi, on the cloud, when I look at a contact, there is a “group” field. When I try to fill in this field a message appears: “The list is empty”. How to create groups? I may have searched (including in the settings) but I didn’t find it. Thank you in advance


Hi @Pragmethik you can click on the drop box at the right hand side of the screen with ‘Groups’ written on it. A list opens up with different categories. Select one of the an the contact will be added to the group.


To add a new group type a name and that is added as a group name.


Thanks - fact is I hadn’t any groupe created and I wanted to create a group from the cloud interface. I had to type into the field the name of the new group.
I did it, I synchronised my contacts but on my phone I can’t see the group of any contact (in the contacts ap) do you know why ? (while I can see groups on the cloud interface)


That’s right. I have checked it and it seems that the contacts app (version 1.7.21) doesn’t have the group field :frowning:
But the sync is working. I have checked it with simple contacts. There you can see the group field.


Hi @Pragmethik please can you raise it as an issue in gitlab . It will be taken as an enhancement request.


Yes groups are not yet supported by native Contact app.

A workaround is to create many address books.

By the way, if you want to be “group ready” for next versions of Contact app, let me to describe what i did.

  1. Create as many address book as wanted group (friends, family, business, and so on)
  2. Install thunderbird + Cardbook, and synchronize all these address book
  3. Import my .VCF file / Add contact in your first address book
  4. Assign all of these contact in one group/catégorie
  5. repeat 3. et 4. for each address book.
  6. Click “synchronize”, then check /e/ nextCloud interface, everything is sorted.

Your contacts are ready to be managed by any ‘group compatible’ contact app.


I think it’s easier to use simple contacts. It’s supporting groups out of the box. I know, we have to test all e apps in this beta, but most people are using groups before and want use it further in e


In the current version 1.4.22 of the contact app (on Nougat) one can edit groups of contacts (also creating new groups), and they are displayed in a separate tab. Syncing of new groups from and to my Nextcloud-server works also for me.
I did not test this with the ecloud-Nextcloud server, but with my own server, groups work out of the box for me.


The version of Contact on the latest Redmi 3s build is 1.7.21 but it does not have this feature or am I missing something. The build on the MiA1 also has the same number.


could you pls show us a screen shot


Sure - here they are.
When I open the app it looks like this where i have indicated the Groups tab :

And the Group tab looks like this:


on oreo it looks different :frowning:


Which version of the /e/ ROM and on which device are you seeing this version of the Contact app.


v0.5-201904066338 on LeEco s2, but also on previous versions.


Thanks - nougat builds have this feature while oreo builds don’t? There is a tag called Label in the Phone Contact App. Does not seem to be syncing with the cloud.


Hi @Pragmethik please can you raise this as an issue in Gitlab if not already done . This will be taken up as an enhancement feature.
Thanks for pointing this out.