Add a "human-readable" privacy section in the /e/ app store

Hi guys,
Only since joining the /e/ community, I found out about a lot of the specifc privacy concerns of some apps. Classic example being that whatsapp copies the whole addressbook (of course its facebook, so no surprise here, but i didnt know about this detail).
I was thinking maybe the /e/ appstore can have an additional more “human-readable” privacy section.
For that I have 2 ideas.

  1. Maybe there can be an additional category under Permissions called something like “In the news” where the most recent 3 articles mentioning this app are listed, can be good or bad, but its at least something that could be done automatically from a set-up point of view and it might help people get a clearer picture of why privacy is important
  2. or again to have a separate entry under Permissions called “known concerns” where we can have a brief description of whats wrong with an app. Only problem with this idea is that it would have to be curated by people

Let me know what you think!

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pls see here POLL: Should e-apps store incl. 'unsafe' apps?

yeaaaaaa, but what I suggest is just an expansion on the existing store, I think it does not directly tie in with the main question of that thread. That being said I’ll link my proposal