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Hey there! :slight_smile:

I am loving e/os on my Samsung S10 - but it is a bummer that mainly older devices are supported. I know that this is all open source and I get it basicly “free”. So I am very grateful. But I would love to use e on a more modern device too.

Because I think for many of use it is frustrating to downgrade the daily experience to older devices.

I would love some support for a modern tablet. Be it a Samsung S7 S8 or a Google Pixel. Just something more recent than 4 years old.

We are all spoiled by our modern iphones, ipads or new android devices. I admit it. I am too. :slight_smile:

I don’t know the technics behind it - but that is what I would love to use. E on a really fast device.

User experience is the same on all /e/OS-T supported devices

User experience is the same on all /e/OS-S supported devices

User experience is the same on all /e/OS-R supported devices

And will not be different on a more recent device.
(mine is 10years old running e-1.18-r)


Have a look to the list of “T” unofficial builds by @ronnz98

I am referencing to the speed we got accoustomed to. Not that the experience of e itself would be different.

Modern devices run faster on apps that require more RAM or faster CPU / GPU.

I looked into the unoffical builds (which are awesome btw!) that the latest is a 2019 galaxy tab.

/e/ unofficial T list

XDA Developpers works on devices for AOSP or LineageOS then the /e/ team take their independant works to build /e/OS
(exeption are Fairphone and Murena devices)

I found this for your interest :


/e/ unofficial T list

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Hi @soennchen

I am waiting to see when the Murena tablet will be available.
I am really in two minds, I like new devices (mainly because of the bigger screens), but as well the idea of a refurbished tablet (much greener, and enough for most users with basic needs), which would be an old model (even older than what you mentioned, I am really hoping that the Murena tablet would be a Samsung S5e). Just my 2 cents

Uh, this is awesome - a build for the GTab! :slight_smile: I will look into this! Thank you!