Add Disroot account to Account Manager

Would it be possible to add (via development, not user) Disroot account on Account Manager to be able to sync their services (contacts, calendars, email, NextCloud…) automatically, instead of having to add each of them manually (via DAV or so)?

Just like it’s done for Google and /e/.

It would also be good to add other such platforms.


In theory yes it should be possible to add any account to this screen. Technically there could be issues in the integration of account managers which may make such integration difficult. All the same if there is a large number of users who would want it added then it can be done.

OK, it’s great to know it is possible. Thanks @Manoj :slight_smile:

Adding more service providers would be nice, but the hard part would be the criteria for providers that want to be listed. Maybe check out Librehosters for a list of “good” options (not all of them host Nextcloud/Owncloud).

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