Add /e/ account (notes app)

I have created an /e/ account and can use it to log in to in the browser. I have created a note there.
But when I try to log in with the /e/ account via the notes app (Fairphone with /e/ operating system), I get the following error message: “Neither a CalDAV nor a CardDAV service could be found.”

Can someone perhaps help me with this?

It may be that creating a note on the cloud before you established “two way” communication between the Notes app and the cloud gives problems for new users!

When you introduced your device to ecloud what apps did work as expected?

Same here! (Fairphone 4 with eOS). Notes-sync not working.

I moved to another notes app (Nextcloud Notes) from F-Droid. It works fine.

When I try to add the /e/ account in the settings > accounts > add account and choose /e/, I get the same error message.

Do I have to choose a specific server or adjust something in the settings in advance?

I think you are saying that your device has zero connection to the cloud? If this were the case, I do not think notes created on the cloud are capable of syncing to a “later added” device, the way things are set up at the moment. Is that you state?

Yes. And how can I synchronise my smartphone with the ecloud?

I am not certain if this is the only or best way, but if the note is the only thing on your account and it is problematic I would (backup elsewhere and) delete the note.

You can (strangely!) bump a sync sometimes by restarting the phone with the power cord plugged in and powered.

If that fails. I would delete the account from the device, perhaps restart it (and wait an hour), then try to add the account again.

Ok, thank you. I will try this.