Add Galaxy s5 neo

I’ll like to have that device added.

I’m a fan of the Galaxy S5 range. The device is fully supported by LOS 16.0 and LOS-for-microG 16.0, but according to LineageOS Statistics, Tand today, “s5neolte” with only 1,443 users only ranks 194th and the variant “s5neoltexx” with only 396 users only ranks 399th. Is the amount of work justifying a further development with /e/ OS?

Well, I also would like to see/have an actual official ROM for the Galaxy S5 Neo. Currently I have LineageOS16 with some strange problems. Returns to TWRP at the end of booting, /e/ doesn’t seem to have that problem (yet(?))

I am a happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo as well, and would very much like it to be supported by /e/

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, and I am looking forward to trying out the Unofficial Build linked earlier in this thread.

It would also be awesome if it got official support!