Add mock/fake contact list feature to Advanced privacy


Some apps require you to get contact list data. It would be great to have a mock/fake contact list to provide to such apps, so you don’t disclose your real contact list to some apps!

Thanks in advance!

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You may create a feature request (like described for issues here)


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but… do you really need this app? this and not an other one?
is there no alternative of it which may passed for your usage?

May I ask you the name of the app ?

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for the mean time, you can create a “work” profile for the contacts app. Your real contacts would be in the work profile while the default contacts app has nothing or even fake people.


Should you be rooted: XPL-EX (successor of XPrivacyLua) can do exactly that (pro version of XPrivacyLua works in its successor). Without pro you can block contact-access your any app, pro can give a fake list.

Thanks for the replies. The system profile is a good workaround for my usecase!