Add PGP support for encrypt SMS


When you compare SMS application, you chose qksms instead of Silence that I used. I like to use encrypted SMS for a matter of principle around privacy. I would like to change to qksms, given the maintenance of Silence… but this feature is not implemented.

Maybe you would like to see PGP support like me, if you have a Github account add a :+1: on this issue.

Why not use a real encrypted messenger? If you talk about PGP you need also a smartphone on the other side, a dump phone will not be sufficient.

SMS is a rather dead horse. MMS is already very dead. Most providers do still support SMS only because of the existence of industrial, maintenance and emergency use cases which don’t have a better replacement. We have a lot of autobahn tunnels here in Switzerland which send a lot of SMS to many different people (especially rescue teams and police) when there is a crash or a fire in the tunnel. But for the providers it’s no business anymore.

And you see what happens: messengers are still in development, SMS apps are not. The Signal messenger removed it’s SMS capabilities.

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Not for me it’s not. It is the only messenger app that I know I can use to send to anyone with a mobile phone -smart or dumb :slight_smile:

with the size of RSA keys and recommendations to generate them at 3072 bits+, you’d need to slice even the setup in 3-4 individual texts that give you ~1000 bits per message. Ignoring this, the encryption reduces available characters per message. Other encryption techniques with smaller keys like age are better suited.

(there’s an android package that implements PGP on any text field, but I wouldn’t expect it to handle slicing and reassembling text fields: )

With the requirement to have the other party also install a specific app (even if just qksms) to make this work, there’s plenty of technically superior alternatives


I think it would be cool if they had their own /e/Messenger built into their SMS app similar to iMessage or BBM (Blackberry) using the Signal protocol. And it would automatically default to Signal if the person your texting has the Signal app. And if the other degoogled roms would follow suit and do like lineageMessenger and calyxMessenger that were all compatible, I think that would be pretty cool. But I have no clue the amount of time, work, and money it would take to create that SMS app.

I don’t want to be too pragmatic of having that all today - but there’s DeltaChat. They did split the apk per architecture on F-Droid so it isn’t even a big package anymore at ~25MB. Email has the same disadvantage SMS has on known communication parties, but not all that carrier overhead and bitsize restriction.

on another qksms issue I subscribe to someone posted a link to an AES-encrypting qksms fork at - but you’d need to audit if they do it proper. The encryption library is included as binary blob.