Add regex for @string/import_complete in weblate

I noticed translation errors in other languages with strings like @string/import_complete, e.g. German translated this one as @string/Importierung_fertig in the Gallery app. These strings are references to other strings so that we don’t have to translate them twice, and they need to stay as they are.

I think it would be a good idea to add a placeholder regex for these in Weblate so that proofreaders can find them - r"^@string/[a-zA-Z_]+$" should do the job.

Pl raise this issue in the Gitlab will label it and mark it to the translations team

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The correct fix for something like this is to mark them as non-translatable in Android’s strings.xml like this:

<string name="settings_key_theme" translatable="false">pref_theme</string>
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Issue has been created: Add check for @string/abc_xyz translations (#3652) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

I don’t seem to have the permissions to add a label or to assign it to anybody, could you please take care of marking it to the translations team or me? Thanks!

Thanks for raising the issue.Have labelled and marked it to the Translation team head