Add TCL 10L to /e/OS

Hello guys!

I want to use /e/OS but my device is not included. It´s a TCL 10L. Would love it if you could add it. Thanks!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Changed from a Redmi Note 5 with /e/os to a TCL 10 L and was shocked of all the Ads, Trackers and Low battery lifetime caused by them.
Never know how good /e/os is. Please help us

/e/OS is based on LineageOS. There’s no official (in their terms) LineageOS for the device, and nothing unofficial I can see on XDA.

There are things you can do without /e/OS. Using a Google account is optional in Android for a start (just as a general reminder, I don’t know whether you use one), and you can uninstall a lot of preinstalled Apps … Uninstall default apps - #29 by AnotherElk

Even if it’s a 2020 device, seems still early for customs… Yes, that was my thought too. The TCL 10L also got Android 11. After all. The level of suffering is not yet so high.

@AnotherElk: The pre-installed apps are not the problem, because TCL has pre-installed a pretty clean Android. You can uninstall or at least deactivate everything you don’t need.

It’s Android itself, or Google, that’s annoying and a massive drain on battery life. And don’t even get me started on data protection, it just feels wrong.

I never thought I could have gotten used to /e/OS like this before. I miss it massively.

Yes, it’s my own fault, but the price of a new TCL was EUR 50 with shipping. I couldn’t resist and thought that I could manage without /e/OS and that it would feel good to throw myself back into the arms of the data octopus.
But it didn’t at all! It feels wrong.