Adding new apps at new pool?

On I understand that we can’t install Nextcloud apps ourselves (or plugins, not sure how to call them, I mean the apps on the Murena Nextcloud server, not the Android apps)

I like that @GaelDuval made a pool three years ago asking what we would like.
What about a new pool? to inform the Team about what the users would like to have. From the old list of apps voted for I see Carnet but users reported sync issues with this app, so maybe it can be removed. On the other hand I would like to suggest adding the Memorise app (by Nextcloud) which seems to be great for photos.


Yes, Memories seems an interesting app, I’d like to give it a try !


NextCloud chat would be great for me.

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I haven’t got single issue with Carnet and not happy at all to see even suggestion to remove it, from someone who doesn"t even use it. I even could consider stop paying /e/ cloud if support for things important to me would be dropped. + suggesting to remove support for one for offering complete different functionality is never good idea. At least suggest better alternative for Carnet which can import notes from Carnet…

Suggestion for new pool / vote is fine, but lets agree that none of us want someone to suggest removing those which are supported and works fine and someone uses feature and have data in there.

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Some users report issues. Admit it is not very encouraging for trying it: Synchronisation de Carnet sur ecloud - #8 by MaMaTT88 ------------------ Apps not functioning - #10 by frank.bxl ---------------- Using QuickNote - #2 by petefoth ------------- Nextcloud Talk and Carnet in v1

I have uses carnet on my private nexcloud server for years without problem.
The desktop version was a little bit immature until last year in some non critical features (ex the search field needed to be selected twice), but i never encountered a problem with the android client.
Furthermore there is no other available alternative with the same features set (simple editing - yes, i don’t like use html or markdown tags -, pictures support, linux, windows, android and nextcloud clients).
The only defect i can found is that the desktop client is an electron application and i am a KISS paradigm fan that don’t like overbloated software.

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