Adding new apps at

Did you try it with Aurora store? It’s available there and working on my device. I don’t have an account on Triodos, but seems to work…


It’s definitely missing Social app! Since is on fediverse network and Social also…

Thanks so much @itsclarence. I’ve found the app in Aurora, installed it andere it works smoothly again on my /e/Fairphone. You’ve made my day! Thanks!!

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For Société Générale I’m definitely out of luck on the Aurora Store. Thus I have safety concerns with it…

??? isn’t e.App store. There’s a thread to request apps, here it’s about cloud services, I think…

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I tried to find it before posting there. I look again.


Or with a new thread in Using /e/ > Applications > App store for example.

I would love to see the inclusion of the Music Player, as a retired musician I have a running project sharing new recordings with a small group of people, currently I’m having to use Google Drive / Dropbox for this, would love to be able to bring that into my paid for Nextcloud instance I have with you.

nextcloud cookbook! :yum:


haha tbh this app is actually really good!!! all jokes aside haha

I really would like to use that cookbook-app. Do you know how to use it on /e/?

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request it here! it is not available on /e/ yet. But i think it is available here

I lost some work because I took versioning as granted on the /e/ drive services. Please add the “Versions” plugin to the list so that people can vote for it, that we can add it to the Nextcloud and prevent loosing data.

Hi @Aroun pl can you add this particular request as an issue on the gitlab. The reason I am requesting this separately is this caused a loss of data and as such should have priority. I will pass on the info to the team.

Isn’t “SMS to cloud” sync already done?

Hi @Manoj,

Please find here the issue:

The poll we conducted to find popular choices for inclusion into eCloud has been closed. You can find the final tally here
Will pass on the results to the dev team…the implementation would be based on a feasibility check. Will update on the progress on the results from the dev side.

I would like to thank all users who participated or shared their suggestions and helped us on this poll.

We are still open to options and suggestions.

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Isn’t “SMS to Cloud” functionality already present? I think I remember some announcement about that.

Yes ‘SMS to Cloud’ is available but in the testing mode for the development team. Should be opened out to all user soon.

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Only Office integration should be available on ecloud for all users now.