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hi @r.labracherie, @Rik has already answered this properly…
Do raise the issue, and /e/ may incorporate Collabora like they should

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In the poll is a thing named Hub. What’s that?

I ask because the one app I really miss from my disused Blackberry 10 device is the so called Blackberry Hub: an OS integrated screen which is always open (a widget), that shows all incoming mail, SMS, MMS, Calls, Messenger posts, Twitter direct messages, upcoming Calendar events, OS notifications and more in a well-arranged unified timeline, where I can manage all that stuff immediately. This would be a great thing to have again because of the productivity.

Thanks Rik for all these explanations and I vote for Collabora !

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  • External Storage Support for SMB and WebDAV
  • Passwords
  • Side Menu
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onlyoffice i would linke to add

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Hello. What about Mind Map (nextcloud) ?
Thanks for all of this /e/.


I agree, but also push notifications need to work so that it is useful: Push Notifications for Nextcloud Talk

NextCloud Hub and Blackberry Hub are not the same. One is a multiuser collaboration tool and the other is singleuser prouctivity tool :slight_smile:

Follow here [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Message Hub

cool! is there a mind mapping function? Going to try it out immediately!


I’ve remarked that application for French bank Societe Generale is not on the app store. There’s only the Ghana Societe Generale.

This one is a big miss for quite a lot of French users, as Societe Generale is the second most important bank in France.

The app is here on Google Play Store :

Its ID is and when I tried to request it it says it has already been requested. Could you please add it ? This is my biggest miss and it features a mandatory thing for their customers, the “Pass Sécurité” (some kind of 2FA)

It is not only the French users missing their banking apps, German users currently face the same situation with e. I already suggested some apps at but so far I cant see them in the store. IMHO all the banking apps are among the bare minimum to make e fit for hassle free daily usage. However some of them can be installed using Aurora I figured but that might not be an option for the non techy user.

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Boursorama is present and works. And for me it is also the minimum. I have sadly to keep my Google Android Phone for this reason.

I really miss the Dutch banking app of Triodos Bank. I do hope the app of this as fair as possible bank can be on the /e/ app store one day.

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Did you try it with Aurora store? It’s available there and working on my device. I don’t have an account on Triodos, but seems to work…


It’s definitely missing Social app! Since is on fediverse network and Social also…

Thanks so much @itsclarence. I’ve found the app in Aurora, installed it andere it works smoothly again on my /e/Fairphone. You’ve made my day! Thanks!!

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For Société Générale I’m definitely out of luck on the Aurora Store. Thus I have safety concerns with it…

??? isn’t e.App store. There’s a thread to request apps, here it’s about cloud services, I think…

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I tried to find it before posting there. I look again.