Adding Quick Action Tile for LiveDisplay [on/off] on /e/OS 1.19.1-s

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using the LiveDisplay feature on /e/OS 1.19-s, which is accessible through Settings > Display > LiveDisplay > Display mode > Automatic. This feature adjusts the display based on the time of day and ambient conditions, which is quite handy.

However, I find it a bit inconvenient that there is no quick action tile for toggling LiveDisplay on and off. Sometimes, I need to disable it temporarily in the evening to view photos or videos in their true colors, but the lack of a quick tile forces me to navigate deep into the settings each time. This was less of an issue in earlier versions like /e/OS-q (Android 10) where there was a “Night mode” that could be easily switched on or off from the quick settings panel.

Does anyone have a more user-friendly solution or workaround for this? Perhaps a way to add a custom tile for LiveDisplay in the next version? Is it different at the eOS-t (Android 13)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Based on this article it seems that Night Light quick action tile is missing at all.