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During the script to install a self-hosted server, it asks about other domains. (I left it blank because I was just trying to get the server working.) What, if anything, would those extra domains be for?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

For me it’s more like a reminiscence of an aborted attempt.
Although some tests are done and certain settings are implemented, most of the install scripts are lacking the multi-domain code.
Also, I still don’t understand how to set-up a multi-domain email server, having only one reverse PTR DNS entry… Even with multiple public IP addresses, how could the routing be done to choose the relevant address for a given domain?
As VPS are cheap nowadays, I guess it’s better to stick to “one domain, one VPS” :wink:

Nextcloud servers can be reached under multiple domains like

Each domain needs to be added to the next cloud config and DNS entries need to be set to the nc server IP. You can also configure nc to run under just an IP.

Setting MX records on you DNS server/provider

That’s what is (partially) missing in selfhosted install scripts :wink:

It was about outgoing traffic, as originating IP address may be checked by target SMTP server and match PTR reverse DNS record :wink:
MX are for incoming traffic, used by foreign originating SMTP server to get the domain IP address for email. As far as I know Postfix don’t use it for outgoing traffic?

Postfix has several ways to do multi domains:

I have not looked into self hosted, so I may be missing some detail, but I don’t see why one would need one VPS per domain!?

Thanks for the readme :slight_smile:
However, it’s about hosting virtual domains for final delivery (receiving emails), but not about sending (and being agreed by target server).

Please read my previous posts about public IP addresses and PTR reverse DNS.
I’m quite sure it’s possible, but what I don’t know yet is how! May need some further investigation.

BTW, the original question was about Murena self-hosted install scripts, in their current state :wink:

Interesting readings: and

@smu44 This was the question and as it’s nextcloud self hosted is using, I answers to that.
Your comment:

does not relat to the question and is misleading and wrong. If vou own and/or administrat 10 domains, you really should not run 10 NC and Mail server. The whole point of DNS records is, to also point to IPs you run central Servers at.

I was more wondering if the script would allow multiple /e/ OS domain hosting. Yes, Next Cloud and Postfix can allow multiple domains. That doesn’t tell whether we can have multiple domain /e/ OS logins. Thanks, @smu44 If

most of the install scripts are lacking the multi-domain code.

then at the moment it is not for anything. :slight_smile:

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