Address book only contains half my contacts


New user here trying to jump from iOS. A big supporter of what you are trying to do here

After spending some time reading and setting up an address book exported from iPhone on, and removing dupes and tidying it up, when I synched it with my Fairphone, I’ve ended up with only contacts from the letter J onwards. I can’t see how to resynch the address book or import the missing records.

I also tried an import from a vcf file, but it did not recognise the file I had created.

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There are a few posts on migration from iphone here

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Sorry for the delay - I wanted to double check I hadn’t missed anything. But that is the process I used - using a VCF card to import my contacts into the eDrive.

So the eDrive Contacts section has 213 contacts, running A to Z. My phone has 124, running J to Z - it only imported half the contacts from eDrive and I don’t know how to retrigger the sync to try and get the other contacts which I can see on the eDrive.