Address book sync [used to be] not quite stupid-proof

Hello everyone,

Before this happened, I wondered why, when I connect an /e/ account, it would appear in two parts : /e/ Account & /e/ Address Book. Now I have a better idea how this works.

I have two phones connected on the same /e/ Account. I wanted an empty contact list on one of them which runs under ‘e/Minimal Nougat’, so I go to the settings of the /e/ Account, deactivate the “Address Book” sync, think I’m clear and delete all contacts on the phone. I didn’t think to go onto the /e/ Address Book settings because [1] I have no idea why it’s there, I only added one account - and [2] I was able to deactivate “Address Book” sync already.

Unfortunately this means I’ve lost all of my contacts. And I see there is yet another kind of account sync settings in the form of an hidden app called ‘Account Manager’ which I guess is the one who kindly deleted all my contacts on the other phone.

Now I see this trap must have been corrected because those options appear differently and are more clear onto my other phone which runs ‘e/unofficial/pie’. But not all devices are maintained equal.

If someone knows a way by which I could restore my lost contacts, I would be grateful

I’d immediately write an email with all details to Maybe they can restore from backup.

Thank you @ljahn for the suggestion

While waiting for an answer, you may extract the database using this method : [HOWTO] Recover contacts using recovery

I don’t know how long the information for deleted contacts stay in database, and you will have to dig into several tables …

Thank you @smu44 for the suggestion. I tried loading the recovery once again but frankly I wasn’t too sure about what i was doing so i just recollected my contacts the old way :slight_smile:

Also thanks to @Manoj and @Shenol who were ultra prompt to respond when I contacted the support address

I promise I’ll be more careful next time I start experimenting!