Adroid File Transfer no longer available what are people using?

I’d like to transfer a lot of files from my mac to an external SD card on my Samsung S9+. I would prefer to do it via USB. The app mostly recommended is Android File Transfer but that is no longer available. What are people using as a safe alternative please?

an external USB card reader for your MAC

Thanks for your reply. My Macbook has a card reader. The only problem with that is I’m wary of taking the sd card in and out of the phone too often which I’m going to have to do if I use that method.

I’ve seen OpenMTP mentioned …
(Don’t have a Mac myself.)

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I have been using OpenMTP for a couple of years now. Not perfect, but the best solution I have found for Mac ↔ Android file transfer


Thanks - I’ll give OpenMTP a try

In case your device supports usb otg you could plug in an usbstick or external sdd to get the files across.

if I push a whole library onto sdcard I’d probably use adb push via dev mode. But for regular transfer I think there are now good syncthing options for MAC too - Transfer of photo/video to a Mac or transfer to SD-card, how is that done? - #3 by tcecyk

I’ve been trying OpenMTP and so far it’s working well and is exactly what I need. Many thanks for all your suggestions.


Thanks for the info, wasn’t aware. In case anyone still needs Android File Transfer, I just checked and I still have a .dmg file to install AFT (on a Mac) and it’s just 3.7 MB. So I can share that one if needed.

(I do know and used to use OpenMTP, but an update to that one broke compatibility with my system and I am now not able to install an older version anymore that would still work – so had to go back to AFT.)

One more practical suggestion if you find it hard to transfer a large number of files: Compress them into a single .zip file, that usually transfers much safer (without randomly aborted transfers) than a multitude of files. (I am not sure anymore who originally gave that advice to me, but I strongly suspect a usual suspect :wink: ).

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I strongly deny this unfounded allegation :wink: .

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I was concerned to read this … but in Debian 12 android-file-transfer is available … also trixie.

in Linux (at least in Linux Mint) Android File Transfer is not needed: MTP file transfer just works. It’s only in MacOS that MTP does not work with Android, so a third party solution is needed.


@Rhod - did you give that syncthing macos software a chance btw? it’s imo much more effortless day-to-day than attaching a cable - but arguably has some initial config effort.

I’ve used Syncthing between Windows, Ubuntu and Android and been very happy with it. There is a Mac OSX version.

Macdroid works well and free from Android to Mac but $20 / yr from Mac to Android

Possible fix here for AFT

KDE connect could be an option if your devices are on the same network.