Advance privacy fake location, with location turned off

So when using a fake location in advanced privacy, is it in force when location is turned off.

In other word when I switch location off is it truly off meaning no app has access to my location at all?

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(now I remember why I do not like this AP feature: it freezes the AP-App on my phone…)

There might be ways around that I do not know of and this not a scientific test but on a small scale it least confirmes my expectation:
when I activate fake location in AP but keep location turned off in system settings the app organic maps does not show my fake location but asks me to enable location.
Therefore I presume: Yes, location off in system settings means no location for any app.
But there are people around here that are more knowledgeable …

edit: app-freeze was obviously only for the time being while the app was settling itself in the background, I am not patient enough I guess :slight_smile:


The thing about modern android and location settings is that when it is turned off that also means the GPS. So probably correct, no location for any app.

On older Android, Oreo and below, one can choose between GPS (device only), network based only, or everything (High Accuracy). Great for testing. Today it’s all or nothing. Boo! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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