Advance Privacy - trackers question

Hi everyone
I have a question regarding ‘manage app trackers’ under advanced privacy.

Seems to me, I already blocked all the trackers. But the UI still says I’m vulnerable. How is this possible?

I double checked this situation a couple of times:

  • I went to every ap.
  • I checked every tracker individually and verified if they were turned on or off.

Can anyone help me?

In this screenshot, we can verify I’m still vulnerable. At the same time it says:

  • 166 app trackers, 0 allowed


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I also found this confusing, because I had blocked ads, trackers & malware through a setting in my VPN (Proton). The IP address is the VPN’s assigned IP address.

Location is always turned OFF, and I have turned off access to Location for every app, except AirGuard (always allowed) and Maps (when in use). But I don’t turn on Location or open Maps unless I’m actually using it to get somewhere.

I just tested the Fake Location setting; turned on Location and asked Maps to find my position – turns out I’m in Barcelona today (which is quite a way away from Sydney :wink: Of course, Fake Location plays havoc with using Maps :wink:

I would think that turning Location OFF unless it is necessary for something is better opsec than leaving it on. Fake Location will bugger up anything that needs it.

So, I’d welcome some more info about how to use this new feature, especially good practice guidelines and some idea of how it does what it does. Given that I use a tracker-blocking VPN, two of the three main threat vectors are covered, while the third is OFF unless needed.

This can IMHO be found here: