Advanced features usually reserved for rooted phones or openwrt routers

I have been searching the forums here, at XDA, mofi, and GLiNet looking for a solution. Please forgive any ignorance and please understand I am not asking you to spoon feed me. I am happy to run with any pointers you have and educate myself.

In addition to my desire to no longer be the product I also wish to regain full control of the device I own and full use of the data I pay for with my carrier of choice. (choice in carrier changes often) I would like to be able to tether via USB, Bluetooth, and Wifi and I would also like to be able to issue custom crafted AT commands. Reasons for tethering I imagine are obvious and there are rough no longer supported work arounds like PDAnet out there. As for AT commands, they provide me the ability to change/mask IMSI, change bands, disable 5g (if available) and most importantly configure multi band aggregation if my local tower supports it.

In addition to privacy are any of these features supported by /e/? Thus far the only hardware & software that I can find to do all these things are the GLiNet devices, which I am currently using, but is limited to 40Mbps down on LTE. Other routers are faster, like the mofi’s but do not allow direct access to the onboard radios like GLiNet does. I think maybe becasue they are not developed on openwrt firmware.

Any thoughts or pointers?

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