Advanced Privacy and ProtonVPN

Being new to Android and searching online I am unable to determine if my privacy is in a better place using the Advanced Privacy settings e.g. Online Privacy Protected, managing my internet address so that my real IP address is hidden, and my location is faked instead of my real position OR turning these to the OFF position and using ProtonVPN. Which service is more conducive for me? Pro’s and Con’s?
I would hope that the /e/ OS would be more secure than a pay service such as ProtonMail, ProtonVPN, and ProtonCalendar. Do not have the experience and knowledge to be aware of that but the tech’s here on this forum would and explain it in detail.

Thank you!

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I don’t use Advanced Privacy yet because I use Tracker Control + Proton VPN but I’ll certainly start using AP as soon as it gets more “mature”.

You can learn something from here: Advanced Privacy - know all about it

And other members will probably take some time to suggest you some more readings.