Advanced Privacy app: Force keep reel localization

Hi all,

I have installed v1.6-r /e/ OS on my htc one m8.

I’m using Advanced Privacy app but i have a problem with localization.

When i started Advanced Privacy, the localization is random.

If i select reel localization and go out the app and return, the localization is returned in random button.

Have you an idea to force Advanced Privacy to keep the reel localization ?

With adb or another method !

Thanks a lot.

{Edit - I had learned to} expect Fake location to turn off if I close all running apps first and restart the device after.

Edit. With an update to 1.6-q-20221204240086-dev-a3xelte and AP version 1.4.0 I do see Fake My Location behaviour changed and improved.

In brief testing with Maps on this device with simple toggle of Advanced Privacy using the widget

  • Hide my IP and Fake My Location presets are maintained when ON
  • and not applied when OFF.

No restart required so far.