Advanced privacy blocking Magic Earth across user-work profile

First, great work you guys have done. Advanced Privacy is great. However it is unfortunate you can’t make exceptions to GPS faking for specific, trustworthy apps like Magic Earth. But anything else is just awesome!

Regarding GPS, since the 1.0 update it behaves extremely weird. When using f.e. Magic Earth with Advanced Privacy activated, he shows me the fake position generated by the Advanced Privacy instance of my work profile - while Magic Earth is running in the user profile. This seems like a serious security breach to me, even though GPS data is usually meant to be global. With deactivated GPS faking in my work profile it shows my position off by hundreds of metres.

Since I use “Shelter” and have no idea about the internal structure of how the user and work profiles are differentiated I can’t say for sure this is a problem by Advanced Privacy. But given Advanced Privacy is now running twice and doing everything perfectly (and isolated inside both profiles, as expected) except the GPS I find this worth mentioning.

I can provide a logcat log if necessary.

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The lack for exceptions for the GPS function of the advanced privacy tool is, apart from the lag it causes, one of the reasons I had to disable its functionality. Using shelter, I also found that the GPS setting appeared to be set across both profiles, rather than limit to work/personal.

I could not set one app profile without disabling the app in the other one first and then reboot. If I try to open the app in Work when the app is active in personal, it just appears to crash.

I am concerned with my privacy, but am not willing to start carrying a separate GPS device, so hope this gets fixed as well as the `WhatsApp/Signal/…Voice and Video calling issue