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I live in UK and whilst in theory Advanced privacy seems a good idea I cannot reach any internet sites while it is turned on! The same happens if I am using Tor Browser! This is on a Fairphone 3+ running v.1.0.

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If you turn off the “Hide My IP” feature, you should have full access to the internet. From what I’ve read from other posts, that feature connects users to the TOR network, which is why the internet is slow. You can select which apps you want to turn it off for, but I still found it messing with a few apps, even if they were allowed to see my real IP.

Just a very general question. I would expect there to be versions 0.95, 0.96 where all kinds of new functionality is introdurced and extensively tested. And then version 1.0, which is just ironing out the last small bugs. But it seems that v.1.0 has new functions that were not well tested. This is suicidal.


I’m also in the UK but generally not having problems reaching internet sites. I use Advanced privacy for Trackers and IP Address, but am exposing my real location as I have too many apps which rely on this. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S9. Are you having issues with all sites or only certain ones?

Hi, it has been most sites but noticed it was taking time to catchup. Changed from wifi to 4G and no issues. Turned off fake IP then on again. Restarted phone and no issues now on wifi, just minor delay which is liveable. As I have read in previous post that it uses TOR network TOR browser does not work which I use to access my proton mail account so have to turn Advanced security off completely when using TOR browser.

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Indeed. I won’t move any of my ‘daily use’ devices to /e/ v1.0, mostly because of this. I have no interest in App Lounge - I use F-Droid and Aurora Store - and the privacy features in v0.23 are ‘good enough’ for me. In fact, the privacy features in LIneage4microG are ‘good enough’ for me, and I am considering starting to use (and build) that instead of /e/.

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I use F-Droid too - have a few Linux games downloaded using F-Droid - however, I have noticed quite a few apps on F-Droid are quite old and won’t install - perhaps just as well as old .apk’s that haven’t been updated in years are effectively a security risk and suspect that is one reason eOS prevented the install or the fact that they haven’t been updated to at least Android 10. Had a look at Aurora page today and what puts me off that is the warning that using it could lead to a ban by Google - but I never use my gmail account on my Fairphone 3+ that I bought from the shop.

If you use anonymous login, then that is not a possibility.

Having had a couple of weeks living w/ 1.0 and Adv. Privacy, I’m not so sure it was ready for primetime. Performance + connectivity issues has made me disable it for most apps I use, the rest of my apps mostly don’t track anything, so it’s a moot point. My phone’s hardware isn’t the best, Moto G7 Plus, but it ran fine before 1.0.

What is it about using the TOR network/backbone that makes things so kludgy? I’ve been on the fence about turning Adv. Privacy off completely and going back to Tracker Control…

AP only works during the week-end. All others days, I cannot have an hidden IP. It always run and run and drain the battery.
I need to deactivate it for most of the apps.

I’ve turned off advanced privacy and still the battery drains more readily than befor v1.0 was installed. Hope they fixit soon or give us the option to downgrade to 0.92 - a bit like downgrading a Linux Kernel when new ones screwup hardware!

As someone who has used Yalp Store and later Aurora Store (with my Google account) on numerous ROMs (lots) over the past five or six years I have never had a problem. Also don’t recall ever reading about anyone being banned using said apps.

As mentioned, you can of course use Aurora anonymously if you don’t need to install paid/pro apps.

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