Advanced Privacy on Murena One only scanning system apps and not showing newly installed appsa

Has anyone experienced Advanced Privacy not showing newly installed Internet-bound apps?
I’ve tried a factory reset a couple of times and I’m certain my Dexcom Follow app is using the Internet to fetch data from a cloud service.

I have compared with my Murena One and installed the same apps on a Google Pixel 4a with /e/OS flashed to it and the apps within Advanced Privacy are not the same.

Murena One - /e/OS 1.12.3-r-20230614299637-stable-one
Pixel 4a - /e/OS 1.12.3-r-20230614299637-stable-sunfish

Shoeless Jo

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I got it figured out. For some reason Advanced Privacy was stuck in a weird state.

Tonight I went into Developer Options/Running services/ and stopped 2 microG Services Core and then restarted my Murena One. Upon restarting, all of the apps that were missing from Advanced Privacy/Manage apps’ trackers were fully restored and allowed granular control again.

Hope that is helpful to anyone who encounters either a throttled or empty app trackers section.

Best wishes,
Shoeless Jo


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