Advanced Privacy - Real IP Address

Has anyone found that they have had to switch off the ‘Real IP Address’ setting to get some apps working sometimes? I find Discord often just won’t load with it on and there seem to be a lot of shopping websites that don’t like it. The Discord issue has only just started happening

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the developers put out a long intro on AP with a section on hide-my-ip at Advanced Privacy - know all about it

Commercial services tend to block TOR exit node traffic.

It’s a bit of an expert tool that’s nice to have built-in, but comes with downsides.


VMWare Horizon doesn’t work with HideMyIP set to on.

This actually is working much much better since the update it seems. Discord no longer requires sporadic disconnects…

I found the Real IP Address feature of AP had to be turned off to get Antenna Pod to work, I’m running this thread to explore further: